About Us

First and foremost we here at Alicia’s Great Finds would like to thank you for stopping by our website. Our mission is to provide the healthiest and most cost effective products out there for you, your pets, your family and friends and their pets. We are in our infancy so any feedback you may have to make us better is welcome! 

Obviously you can shop anywhere, so why shop with us? Well, since we are a smaller operation, when you email us, we will actually reply. Most cases it will be Alicia herself! If not than her son Arthur and/or the website designer Lee Lemell. We will be looking into and/or carrying products that are suggested by our customers, as well as the products that we have been using and researching for the past few years. So again, your feedback is welcome!

We will be representing as many affiliates as we can find in the product areas that are in line with our philosophy. Some won’t make the cut, some we know will be with us as long as we are operating. Feedback from you is what will help us through that process. If you know of a product you think would be a benefit please feel free to let us know and we will look into it. Hopefully, you will love what you see. If you don’t, please give us some feedback by contacting us at info@aliciasgreatfinds.com. You can also call us at (346) 857-4953.

This website is a family operation. This website is about a son trying to help his mom retire. This is something that will be handed down to her grandchildren. This is about health, happiness and family. 

The website will be going through changes as we grow. We will be evolving and we hope you evolve with us so we can grow together. 

Our love goes out to you and yours

Be well and be safe and be kind to one another.

-Alicia’s Great Finds